I’ve been gone quite a while. Well here I am. How are you guys? I hope you are well.
I am a bit of a stressed out mess, but what life is easy?
I have gone back to school. Yep, I am now one of those ‘shes older but not THAT old, but I don’t know how old she is’ kind of students going to school with all the 18 and 20 year olds.
So far it’s stressful, I take everything so seriously and about 99 percent of the other students sure don’t.
Once I make it through this first semester I think I will realize I don’t have to go insane while going to school.
We shall see.
I was walking to my car the other day and it hit me just how FUNNY it was that I was going to school. I probably looked like an idiot walking down the street by myself laughing.
But hey, these days you take the laughs where you can get them.

Catch you later, Jen


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