friday night

…half watching the remake of Gatsby…..can’t decide if it’s awesome (I love Luhrmann) or not so awesome…. oh wellz

I get to bring my honey home tomorrow…awesome.  Spent the day at the hospital getting info and instructions.  It’s only 8 pm and I think I may go to bed in 30 minutes or so….wow huh?

Have been neglecting my blog reading…think I will catch up this weekend..

Using a lot of these…..tonight hahaha.

Will I just go back to worrying about losing a few pounds once he’s home?  Getting the cutest new over priced outfit?  I hope I can hang on to my current mindset.  Isn’t it funny how we just fall back into old habits?

How I wish Chipotle delivered!  I would kill for some Sofritas tacos right now, they are amazing.

And now my rambling is done.  Have a wonderful night, I hope you are happy & finding your flippin joy everyday!

kisses guys,



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