when s**t happens

Wait, I can cuss on this blog, why am I censoring my headline? Meh, must be due to wine…

So, last Friday morning (the 7th) around 10:30 a.m. I get a call from my husband, but it’s a girl, and she tells me that my husband asked her to call me because he’s been in an accident.

See, he drives a motorcycle to work, because he hates traffic, and he works in Hollywood and his drive to work on a bike is 30 min compared to a car drive of an hour.

I say, many many things that I can’t remember because it was over a week ago too much to type and I’ve had wine.

So let’s see long story as short as possible.

He has a concussion (that was interesting), scrapes, bruises, and a ‘complex open book fractured pelvis”. Yep, he’s broken.  The amazing part was he is alive, because according to the doctors other people in these accidents die, have double broken legs, major internal bleeding etc.

They took him to a hospital he shouldn’t have gone to.  After days and days of crying, pleading, phone calls, and many other things I got him transferred to somewhere he should have been so he could get the surgery needed.  After all that, yesterday, 1 week after the accident people, he had surgery.

He is doing good, today he took steps.  He is in better spirits.

So what’s the point of my semi-venting to the blog world?  Here’s what I learned so far, and probably this is not the first time I learned it but I think in general we forget these things till they bitch slap us in the face…

When it truly comes down to it, the only things that matter in life are the people we love.  Not the house I live in, the car I drive, the clothes on my back, the zit on my face or the extra 5 lbs I might be carrying.  He is what matters, and no matter what we will get through this and be ok, as long as we are together.

Our families, our babies, our husbands and wives, our friends, hold them tight every fucking second because as I learned, again, you never know when they could be taken away.

He keeps telling me I saved him again (there have been other health issues in the past) but he saved me, when I was down and lost, this guy showed up and made me love & became my best friend.  I plan to live to be old and gray with him.

Sorry, but it’s been a rough and mushy week.  I am feeling loved and blessed and so grateful.

Tell them you love them, all the time, cause you don’t want to wish you had.  Ya know, that morning was the first morning in a long time that I didn’t kiss him goodbye, I leave very early for work…..And I always kiss him goodbye, but that day I didn’t, and isn’t it funny how fast that popped into my head that day?

I didn’t kiss him that day….. I won’t make that mistake again.

Love, happiness, blessing to you all out there.




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