ok ok

My husband has some health issues that can be helped or harmed by the food he eats.

It’s time to take that seriously & no more cheating.  He is too important.

And so, today begins a much more serious move towards a more vegan household (sorry kids, I’ll hide you a little real cheese I promise) .  For example, tonight I am going to be making a vegan mushroom & spinach lasagna for him, since he has been so good & not cheated haha.

This will be hard, because even though I don’t eat our furry friends, I’ve never been against humanely (hopefully) gotten animal products, like milk and cheese.  But!!!!  It is what it is.

Dairy doesn’t like me anyway so time to try & say goodbye!  I’m hopeful that this will be a wonderful turn for the better for us.  And, I sure hope I can do it, and not go broke, cause vegan chesse is DAMN expensive.

Wish me luck!  I do it all for love!  My husband, my family, the planet & everything else woohoo yeehawwwww etc etc 😉

I’ll let ya know how the lasagna turns out.




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