Aunt Bev

You taught me to ride horses, and I won first place in a horse show. I still have my ribbon and trophy.
You made my gymnastics outfit. (I loved gymnastics)
You permed my hair every summer when I went to stay with you guys.
My senior picture is proof.
You caught me smoking- and didn’t tell my mom. At least that I know of.
Every holiday you laughed with me at everyone’s stress- and made the whole thing better.
You dropped off Bingo and he never left. 🙂
You held my purse for me three months ago so I could walk down the aisle without having to carry it.
I can’t even begin to know how my cousins and my uncle feel, and I have been thinking of them so much.
I suck at death, I don’t know what to say, I never know.
I love you, I will miss you. The world is a sadder place without you.
Until we meet again!!!!




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