Alls well

I gots no complaints 😉
Alls well and quiet. Four weeks from today I shall be a married woman, hanging at the hotel- possibly even happier than I am now.
I’m feeling this crazy serious real honest fresh start all begins now vibe.
Not just the marriage- but within me.
It’s time for new commitments, new starts. It’s time to stop wishing I was things I’m not, and to start being those things.
Working towards those things.
There really is no limit to how much we can change, ourselves and the things around us.
I will start with me.
Be a better me, for myself and those around me I love so much. For the world and the planet I will someday leave behind.
The amount of positive energy I’m feeling is insane,
I shall relish every moment and grasp it with both hands.
Here we go people.

Cheers to growth!!!!


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