Frame of mind..

So, for the bitching ….. Driving home with my son in stopped traffic- something hits my windshield 2 days later completely cracked.
2 weeks later- another flat :-/.
Not even the bad tire!
Fine. 2 new tires yesterday, getting new windshield tomorrow.
Feeling low, down in the dumps, honestly(I hate to admit this(at work very close to tears).
But! Turn that shit around- I’m good!
I am happy and excited. Hahahaha
My wedding is just over two months away! I’m getting excited.
I already said that 😉
I have stuff to do man! I’m a procrastinator so what?
Things are looking up dolls!
Made some amazing vegan caramel apple spice cupcakes for Easter

Had an awesome date night on Friday with my love

Watched my boys, even at almost fifteen and seventeen color Easter eggs for mom 🙂


Then! My eldest got his drivers permit today!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
Yikes! So much going on!
There’s more I will have to save for later!!!
Hope you are well and seeing the brightside!


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