Deep thoughts

This isn’t meant to be depressing.
I’m thinking, maybe we aren’t allowed to have good things without some bad thrown in, for good measure.
Is that what makes us appreciate the good?
I can’t help but feel as though every time good happens, bad shits thrown in. It’s cool, I roll with it, but damn it’s annoying ain’t it?
Met up with a guy who was my BFF back in the day, we lost touch after he moved off to Vegas and left me 😉
It was so ridiculously heartwarming to hug him again after all these years.

That’s him singling with his band at the House of Blues in Hollywood last night. I’m so happy for him and proud of him. My honey took the pic 😉
Some friends are your friends even after many many years apart. That’s a win I think.
As for the bad thrown in with the good? It’s there, but it’s boring and I don’t want to be more boring than I already am so fuck it. I can always find the silver lining.
Remember when you were young (let’s say twenties) and things got to you? I mean everything gets to you.
I’m truly over it. Take it with a grain of salt yada yada yada. It actually feels great.
There is only so much I can do to take care of and appease others. I think I need to take care of myself too.
I’m workin on my zen man 😉
Peace out (lolllllll)



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