Maybe not

Ok so, I might as well spill.
I have this sweater. It’s boring, grey, was from Costco originally even.
But here’s the thing

It was a gift, from my previous? Mother in law, who is no longer with us.
It was a gift for I think Christmas? To me and the same exact to my sister in law(technically) at the time.
I wear it all the time, when I go away I pack it. Sometimes I’ve slept in it. I tie it round my waist.
My sister in law/sister is also not with us anymore.
They are both gone far too young.
It has a hole, the kind you can’t really hide. It makes me sad, it makes me teary.
Gloria, I miss you. I wish you’d been here to talk to through all the trouble.
Rayanne, I see you all the time. I’m at the store I see your twin πŸ™‚
You always understood me and what I was going through.
You both should be here and you’re not. And it breaks my heart.
I can’t even stress how much I wish you’d both been here these last few years. I miss you so much.
I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this. I would’ve talked to you guys. πŸ™‚
But I know it’s ok. I know you know. And I hope to see you again.
Ray, I can’t even hear Beck without thinking of you.
Mom, I’m sorry it didn’t work out.
Someday girls, love you.


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