Last hurrah

Well maybe not exactly last hurrah.
I mean, that sounds like it should be something ya do right before ya die.
Not planning on dying.
What I will be doing is hanging with friends in the mountains, having some drinks, playing some games, and having a nice time. On a budget.
Because! Here’s me wearing my big girl pants. Sigh.
After this, it’s all about buckling down and saving every goddamn dime I can for this darn wedding.
Not to sound like I don’t want the darn wedding- I do. (Pun partially intended)
It’s because I want it that I need to buckle down.
Gonna miss some fabulous things in the next few months, oh wellz
(Big girl now!)
Is it only women who feel left out of “the bunch” when they have to forgo activities with friends?
Makes me sad to be honest, but these are the choices I’ve made eh?
So I shall have some cocktails, be with loved ones soon- then play the cave dweller. 🙂
All to good end.
On the flip side, Check out what was outside work today as I made my way to my car

Yep, some poor critters head. RIP little guy(or girl) I’m sure you’re in a better place.
Just, without your head. :-/

Kisses & kisses!


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