Everything’s gonna be all right

Have you ever had one of those moments, where right in the midst of panic suddenly you see everything as it will be?
I just did.
With all this wedding planning budget crisis not enough time (hence no punctuation) going on in real life and in my head- I seem to have had a premonition.
It was my fiancée and I, just after our wedding festivities, stepping into a quiet hotel room. We flop on the bed (fully clothed, get your mind out of the gutter) 😉
My left arm over his chest , his left under and around me. We breathe, he smiles with eyes closed and says “We’s married now”.
That’s it, it’s happy, so real, and exactly what I see happening.
It makes me happy, and somehow tells me that no matter what, it’s going to be all right.
Ain’t love grand?


Kisses, Jen


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