what I learned today

Remember Bush? Heard “Glycerine” this a.m. on the way to work….decided that would be the theme song for the day!

Today I shopped for a D.J. for my upcoming nuptials…….and I learned D.J. names are terrible. D.J. MisterE. Really? I mean no offense Mr. MisterE, but wowsers. I laughed on and off for 30 minutes.

Also learned? After trying something once, maybe just maybe go back and try it again and quite possibly the SECOND time you’ll like it, for example:

1-3-13 006

I fell in love with these little seaweed snacks. This could be trouble.

Continuing on….

1-3-13 008

Sometimes when you cook, this is how your counter looks. Not quite so Food Network-esque is it? But it shall get the job done. It sure did tonight, they had fabulous teriyaki salmon over insanely good fresh roasted shitake mushrooms & brussel sprouts……I’m almost hungry again.

1-3-13 007

I am apparently never again allowed to use the restroom in my own house alone. I have a guard cat.

And yes, that is a bright pink Caboodle on the laundry basket. Darn tootin’.

1-3-13 010

When it’s not quite the end of Christmas vacation from school, you should just stop getting dressed at all. Pajamas are the boss. Period. This is a Gavin rule, and no, he was not named after Mr. Rossdale (re:above) =)

1-3-13 004

Flowers for no reason? Always a wonderful idea. Take note boys. (but I didn’t learn this today, us girls always know this right?)

Friday is on the way…..a lovely outing to the Melrose flea market this Sunday…..the best fashion people watching around! Stay tuned!!

What did you learn today?




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