Not exciting but, I’ve been sick.
Not just sick, but SICK…. As in not so bad in years….7 days and counting today with a day after thanksgiving stop at urgent care for antibiotics (woohoo can you say 3 hour wait?)
So I’m not super cheery, hence the bitching….
But I missed the blog!!!! I want to run! I want to yoga! I want to hike!!!!
All I do is cough and hack and occasionally vomit, yippee!!!
Hah sorry crossed over to grossland!
The thing is , am I the only person who feels this way? When we physically can’t do the things we want to do, we want to get out and do them even more!!!!!!
Wow frustrating :-/ I will carry on!!!’
😀 I shall be running!!!! Or at least walking ;-)…… Soon!!!!!
Hope you are healthy and running!!!! Wish I was there!
Please please some sleep tonight!!!!!





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