the wedge realization

I am five feet and ten inches tall.  I have half a closet full of heels and wedges.  I wear flats.

When I put on heels etc. for special occasions, I know I am insanely tall.  In the past, it has made me uncomfortable, because then I’m noticeable.  Now it’s not that I’m a wallflower, far from it.  I am sometimes loud and obnoxious, and I’ll introduce myself to anyone in the room, and then proceed to talk their ear off.

That’s how I am.

But when I’m in a heel, all people do is say ‘wow, you’re so tall, how tall are you without the shoes, does your boyfriend mind that you’re taller than he is when you are wearing those, aren’t you afraid you’ll fall’.  I’m serious.  It gets quite annoying.

So, I save my fancies for those special times, like I said.

But something happened to me the other night.  My honey wanted to go to dinner, I had an urge to wear my skinny jeans and my brown patent leather wedges to dinner.  And I think I fell in love.

Suddenly, I felt like such a GIRL, no wait, a WOMAN.  I felt great, gorgeous, and I suddenly didn’t mind people eyeing my gigantorness because I didn’t care what they thought or didn’t think.  Dammit, I’m tall and I’m wearing heels.  Deal with it.  It was liberating.

Now, maybe this is an age thing for me?  I just turned 35, I really am a tree hugging hippy at heart.  I like my Toms, my sandals, my tall flat boots, even my Vans.  Is there an age where we embrace things differently than we used to?  If there is, I think mine is 35 because all I want to do is buy more heels (or wedges) and work it.  Maybe it’s a ‘use it before you lose it’ mentality.

I’m ok with that, shit I want to use it before I lose it!!!!  Though I hope not to lose it too soon!  There is something so feminine and sexy about a woman in a heel, even us girls know that (we already know the GUYS know that)

So I’m going to make myself a promise, not to lose my hippy casual nature girl vibe, I don’t think I could, but to embrace that womanly side that sees pretty shoes and says ‘ooooooh’

How’s that quote go?  “you only live once, buy the damn shoes” 🙂 something like that.

Besides, a heel makes my feet look smaller, and that is something I definitely appreciate!


Got these practically free this past weekend, fell in love. Have nothing to wear them with. I don’t care.
Cause dammit I’m gonna wear ’em!

Rock on all you amazing beautiful gorgeous heel, flat, wedge and boot wearing women!!!!!!  Rock ON!!!!





5 thoughts on “the wedge realization

  1. LOVE this post more than words can describe!
    Love love love!
    And your foot looks to be so strong, lean, and long!
    Am sharing a link on my Facebook page right now!
    Love! 😀
    Now, I want to know this! What did you order at dinner? 🙂

  2. Thank you thank you and thank you!
    Dinner was Tequila orange shrimp(I have not yet gotten up the courage to give up my seafood as I have all the other critters 🙂 but one day!) And for the record, it was not very good! haha, that figures! But, at least I got to dress up! 😉
    Thank you again! xoxo

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