It’s almost my birthday.

I have never minded much about getting older, honestly.  I know and have seen some some amazing women a lot older than me who are FABULOUS and that makes me very positive about getting older, BUT…

I find that this year I am cranky.  I honestly sort of wish it would just slide by. (then why are you blogging about it you might ask?) But if I can’t complain about it here, where can I? 🙂

What is it about aging that is so awful for some people?  I know by the time it’s here, I’ll have let go of my crankiness, and I will be saying ‘where’s my present’ haha, but there’s still that little thing inside that sighs a bit.

I wouldn’t want to be 21 again for all the money in the world.  I’m more confident now than I was then, I’m more myself (I think) and I know sure as shit that I’m stronger.  Life sure does that to you, and I’ve definitely been very involved with ‘life’.

Maybe it’s the superficial things?  The older I get the harder it is to keep that five pounds off?  Why haven’t I accomplished more professionally at this point in my life?  Yadda yadda blah blah.

I don’t know, everyone has their own thing I suppose.  Ideally?  I would like to have the same face & body that I had about 2 years ago forever.  Oh, you mean that’s impossible?  I must get older?  Fine 😉

I shall attempt it happily and gracefully.

In another five years I’ll probably be saying thank God I’m not 35 anymore and laughing about my crankiness now.

In truth, I am grateful for every single day of my life.  I have lost many people that should be here now that didn’t even make it to 35.  Sorry!  Didn’t mean to go the sad route.

So how about instead, enjoy my last day of being 34, and say Come on 35!!!  Give me your worst & I shall make mincemeat of it!  I shall grab 35 and make it my bitch ;-D

Helllz yes!!!!!


This is me in May at one of my BFF’s  Christys wedding, with my amazing and fabulous friend David, now we look like we are having an awesome time no?  😉 I say YES!!!!




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