this afternoon

Ok, it’s Sunday, 2:45 PM and I’m sitting, cooking on my couch.

I have to pick up my kiddos in a couple hours, my boyfriends asleep on the bed.

I’m hanging out watching HBO Go, having an early martini, simply trying not to sweat. 🙂

How are you guys? Truth? I’m a little cranky.  The kind of cranky you can’t explain, talk about, maybe only to your shrink.

I do not have a shrink, far out of my imaginary budget heehee.  So, Instead, I sit and grrrr arrrgh (yep Buffy reference)

Today, I thought I was going to breakfast.  Then we didn’t :-/

We went to Starbucks instead, cleaned.  And now, me alone on couch.  Though, did get to watch last weeks True Blood, can’t wait for tonights.

Do you ever feel like you just want to be a better you?  Me too.

real post tomorrow, I promise.

photo bomb???? yes


God bless you Jon Hamm (and Ryan Gosling for that matter) hahaha,

Oh Mad Men!!!!!




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