Apparently I was breathing fast, and saying ‘No no no no no’ in my sleep the other night, according to my honey.

I have no memory of it, and quite often I do, good or bad.  It’s a rare thing to be told I’m verbal in my sleep (though, maybe there just wasn’t anyone there to hear  me or pay attention before)  I am left wondering, what was it?  What monster or general uckiness was I outrunning?  Telling no?  It’s sort of strange isn’t it, the way it’s just gone?

I know, there’s science blah blah blah, but here’s what I think.

Our dreams do have meaning, when we are scared, happy, anxious, they reflect it.  I’ve dreamt of loved ones gone, and been comforted.  I’ve dreamt of happy endings and awoken smiling.

I’ve dreamt of horrors, and cuddled closer, whether it was to my love or my dog.

Maybe those feeling we have that we cannot express come out when we are vulnerable, in our sleep.  Maybe venting out our feelings in our sleep keep our days sane and continuing….

Never fear them, always listen to them, because even when silly & crazy, they are a part of us.   And sometimes the best ideas you’ve ever had could come from them.

sweet dreams






2 thoughts on “dreamland

  1. I am glad that you have a honey for cuddling!
    My dreams were outrageous during those bad bulimic years. I’d dream of nothing but food and awaken, thinking that I had to get rid of it.
    Now I dream of happy things mostly! Dogs, shoes, and yoga! 😀

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