my art

There are so many amazing people in my life who make art.

I know painters, musicians, jewelry craftsmen, knitters, sewers, just to name a few.  I have always been one of those people who WANTED to make some amazing art, but I never felt I had the goods.

I’ve done it all, everything listed above, and I’ve learned this.  I am not a musician, I appreciate it immensely in others and seeing my favorite bands and artists is one of the best things in the world to me.

I can’t make jewelry.  Enough said.

I have painted, I like to paint, though I am so critical so quickly I always drop it.  Maybe someday?

I can sew, but my mom borrowed my sewing machine, years ago, so oh well.

I do knit!  I love to knit, the yarn shopping the patterns, the calming act itself.  Would I say I’m an awesome knitter?  Nah, but I can and do make some fun little gifts.

Now I’m only naming a few examples of art obviously, there’s so many amazing mediums out there to try & learn and fall in love with.  I’ve always felt mediocre about my own non thriving talent.

But then I realized something, I do make art.  It comes from my heart, my brain & my hands.  It makes me happy when I’m doing it, it’s exciting for me the entire process.  It also pleases those around me that I am able to share it with.

My favorite art form?  Cooking, baking, feeding, nourishing.  That’s MY art.  I love every single second of it.

When a piece is complete and it’s so beautiful you need to take a photo, when the very scent of it through the house puts smiles on all the faces around.

The plans, the preparations, all enjoyable.  Planning a meal with family and friends, one of the best feelings in the world.

Knowing I am taking care of people I love well and know exactly what’s going into their bodies, at least from the food I’m making is wonderful.

Keeping in mind that I am a non-meat eating gal & also trying to drop another 5lbs(I’ve already dropped 5 woo hoo!!!), when I’m cooking I’m taking care of myself as well.

It’s such a satisfying experience for me, and I’m proud that it’s the art form I am the best at.

We all gotta eat right?  Might as well make it healthy, beautiful and delicious!

My other site, which has been quite neglected due to a good 6 months worth of some health stuff going on with my honey, has a few posts & recipes on it, but in case you are interested I will post the link for you.

My intent is to really really use my jenhelenecooks site much much more.  There are so many foods I want to share! So check on it once in a while, maybe just maybe, there will be new stuff!


Just writing this post I want to be in the kitchen!!! What do you love to cook?




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