Oh My Goodness

this would be your basic post that says, it’s hot and I’m tired.  Isn’t that exciting?

Had a great visit with my mom and big bro today.  She always has me cut her hair, and I don’t cut hair.  I suppose I got it straight, I’ll find out tomorrow after she gets up and sees that it’s crooked.

You ever have a weekend on the way that is going to be so awesome, but so busy at the same time it’s insane?  I’ve got a bridal shower, a gallery opening, and my sons 16th birthday.

Holy crap, I’ve got a lot to do!!!

This morning the scale was down FIVE pounds.  I’m elated, I’ve been crazy recommitted to my diet and it’s paying off.  That’s pretty rad.

Leftovers tonight, more meatball sandwiches.  Oh dear god they still smell just as good as last night! But I did not succumb.

Have a great night all, I’m going to relax with a martini, some Breaking Bad or Sex and the City episodes, and prepare for what promises to be an awesome and crazy weekend!

random pic sounds good eh?

Tomato thievery

This is my queen puppy, her name be Roxie.  She flat out stole a ripe tomato off my plant.  Ate it.  Right in front of me, of course…I forgave her immediately(she’s the boss),




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