the trouble with meatballs

I love to cook.  Bake. Barbecue. Any form of cooking really…..I do!  It’s one of the things I wish I did for a living in a way…..the problem is there are many things I wish I did for a living.

The issue I have with meatballs, is that they are amazing.  There’s something about them, they aren’t fancy or pretentious….they are just heavenly balls of meat when if properly seasoned and cooked might be the best thing ever……

case in point

Now I’ve gone around the real subject onto glamorizing meat haven’t I ?  Here’s the thing, I don’t eat meat.  But I do cook it, seeing as how I have a family to feed and they do want their meat….

I’ve been off meats for a few months now, that’s all.  A number of years back I had forsaken meat for a few years…but I fell back in, and it was due to meatballs.  I think it’s the garlic!

I don’t want to eat meat, for all the right reasons.  I love my pets (3 dogs & 1 cat respectively) and I wouldn’t eat them right?  Also, meat makes my stomach hurt, without fail.  Not to leave out all the things that the meat industry does that hurts our planet.  Have you read Alicia Silverstones ‘the kind diet’, wow, there’s some great information for you to not eat the animals we feed at the petting zoo.
Now I’m not vegan (oh I wish) but I strive to be, as for now I am vegetarian on the cusp.  It’s so hard when you have other people in your household that you have to feed too that aren’t exactly willing to give up their fried chicken & steaks.

I love to cook, I’ve been cooking my whole life, I cook an awesome steak, an amazing leg of lamb, I just don’t eat it anymore.  I hope to never again.

Now I’m not preaching to you here, I’m whining because I love meat, I do!  The taste, the texture…..and even though I love it somehow I never really miss it.  Until I make meatballs.  Then it’s a problem, I get weak, I smell it and think ‘just one little bite…’ but if I do that, it’s over.

So, until I have the power (thank you He-Man) I will instead wish I was eating it, just a little…and remember why I don’t which is for amazing reasons.

Tonight, they had Italian meatball sandwiches, with amazing beef I purchased at Whole Foods (good lord I love that market), because if you are going to feed your family meat products, for the sake of the animals you are eating, and the horrible things your family COULD be ingesting…buy the best stuff you can find.  Humane, organic, free range, small local farms and ranches if possible…

One of these days meat will probably be so expensive no one can afford it anyways, but until that time, I , non-eater of the meat…..must keep reminding myself I don’t eat it for all the right reasons.

Yes, on my cooking blog I cook meat, like I said, I love to cook & I have a family to feed.  But I am officially on the record as a non-meat eater.  And I am proud, because damn when those meatballs are cooking it’s HARD to say no.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if my kids and my boyfriend suddenly decided to go veg?  A girl can dream…




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