home alone

I am enjoying this little private time I have, my kids are off in different directions, my honey is still at work.  I’ve got 3 dogs & 1 cat to keep me company. Oh! And a surprise visit from a friend that was nice! Even though I couldn’t persuade him to have a beer with me, oh well I suppose I shall just have to sip my martini.

Alone time, I haven’t decided about it yet.  Sometimes I need it sooo badly, and then once I have it for a little while, I’m so over it.  As a teenager, my mom would always say ‘you just can’t stay home alone can you? always gotta be going or doin’,

Well, yeah.  I mean, no one’s here to laugh at my jokes! The cat tries, but he mostly just sleeps so no good there….

Time to reflect? Ok, but it’s also Friday night & it could also be time to party.  Who’s to say?

Alas, either way here I am, the TV is on, there is a martini (as I mentioned) on one side of me, a cat on the other side, and I type away on this here laptop.

I am still a transplant, I don’t know anyone in my immediate area.  That would probably drive me insane all by itself, but I am also 50 percent homebody.  So that keeps me coming home, ready to kick off my shoes and relax with the latest Stephen King…

But, for the record, if I’m in this exact same position tomorrow night, this will be a much different post. Homebody or not, a girl’s got to get out!




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