Every once in a while, a moment of happy pops in.  Unexpectedly, it’s just there.  It pushes away the doom and gloom that I feel quite honestly, the majority of the time, and for just a few minutes, I feel overwhelmed by the happy of my heart.

I don’t want to ignore it, or pretend it isn’t there.  I think moments where everything comes together should be noted and celebrated, because they can burn so quickly.  If it weren’t for this sort of occurrence, why would we weather the shit that pours in?  Myself, I suppose I’m weathering it because I believe deep down somewhere I’m going to get through it, and this moment helps.
Keeping it short and sweet? My kids are off in different directions, happy.  Doing something they want to do in a place we never planned on being.  My love is coming home to me, feeling better (I hope) after a horrible back pain stint, I heard the perfect song on the radio, I have a martini in my hand, and I finally finished my book which was wonderful (as always, thank you Stephen King, you rule my world) There is plenty of bad shit too, but right now this very moment,  fuck it, I’m good.

Tomorrow, who knows?




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